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Hunan Changsha News Report

For these patients infected with COVID19, oxygen is urgently needed. To install a large-scale medical oxygen generator system in hospitals costs at least one month, however with ZOY medical oxygen generator system which can be used at once to make on site medical oxygen, hospital can supply sufficient oxygen to meet these patient's requirement timely. ZOY OXYGEN GENERATOR SYSTEM is a perfect oxygen supply solution for hospitals.

At the very beginning of Wuhan Covid19 outbreak, our staff were all in position, fully prepared to manufacture medical oxygen generator system. “Whenever Wuhan needs Oxygen, we will try our best to support them. ”said Mr Andrew, CEO of ZOY medical tech .

UP to now, 15sets ZOY integrated medical oxygen generator systems and 20sets ZOY oxygen chambers, worth USD$1million, have been installed at Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital to meet the patients' needs of oxygen. Last night, ZOY Medical Tech had also installed two central large -scale oxygen generator system equipment in Changsha City Hospital at once for the treatment of these patients infected with COVID19.

A telephone interview: Doctor Xiao, an expert and Professor from Xiangya Hospital which is one of Chinese best hospitals, said: “High pressure oxygen has a very good therapeutic effect on virus-induced pneumonia. Viral pneumonia causes alveolar edema. The oxygen in the alveoli cannot enter the blood, causing hypoxemia. If oxygen wants to enter the blood, it must pass through the edema. Only high pressure oxygen can pass through cells."


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