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Full score case! The charm of Zhuoyu oxygen system | Beier ENT Hospital

Beier ENT Hospital

Liuyang Beier Otolaryngology Specialist Hospital is a private hospital characterized by the combination of Bay’s ancestral ENT and modern otolaryngology. It is a designated guidance hospital for otolaryngology experts of Provincial People's Hospital and a designated hospital of medical insurance for urban workers and urban and rural residents in Liuyang City

The ZOY integrated medical oxygen generator system, which has been authoritatively tested by the National Testing Center, has undergone rigorous technical procedures, and all test data are superior to the industry level, making it the best choice for the hospital.And meet the needs of Beier Hospital.

ZOY professional after-sales engineer completed the installation and commissioning of  oxygen generator system, together with the hospital stuff witnessed the system in oxygen pressure, oxygen flow rate, oxygen purity and the stability of various nice performance.

With ZOY oxygen generator system, the problems of "difficulties in statistics, measurement, and management" of traditional oxygen cylinders be solved. Intelligent online monitoring on computers or mobile apps could help to optimize the oxygen management of Beier Hospital.

Oxygen is indispensable in the hospital, and for the treatment of "ENT" in Beier Hospital, ZOY oxygen generator system also plays an important role.

The application of oxygen and oxygen therapy in ENT:

▲ Neurological deafness (sudden, drug-induced, deafness, noise-induced deafness), neurological tinnitus
▲ Dizziness (Meniere's disease, labyrinthitis, various unexplained dizziness)
▲ Allergic diseases, anaerobic infections (allergic rhinitis, facial neuritis, paranasal sinusitis)
▲ Air embolism (paranasal sinus puncture + oxygen therapy)
▲ Wound infections caused by surgery or trauma are unhealed (pharyngeal fistula, corrosive ulcer after laryngeal cancer surgery)
▲ Replantation of tissues and organs, transplantation (external ear and external nose trauma), nerve injury (facial nerve injury)
▲ Various malignant tumors in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology (cooperate with chemical and radiotherapy)
▲ Anesthesia accident
▲ Sequelae of cerebral ischemia and hypoxia after rupture of large blood vessels in the head and neck
▲ Optic nerve decompression surgery


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