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ZOY Sitting Type Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Modern intelligent oxygen inhalation equipment, equipped with cutting-edge intelligent control system, realizes

Human-machine exchange freely, and provides users with customized oxygen inhalation experience.

Pressure in Chamber: up to 1.5 times of Standard atmospheric pressure

Oxygen Concentration in Chamber: 30%-40%

Pressure increasing speed: up to 1.3 ATA within 6 minutes

Oxygen Concentration of snorting: ≥ 96%


Exquisite appearance: Freely replace the decorative board.

Disassembling construction: Easy to transport, Convenient to enter the room.

Large space: Comfortable space with 2.38-3.68m3 and heightened cabinet door of 1.08-1.5m.

Intelligent control: Human-machine exchange freely equipped intelligent control system and 10.1” touch screen .

Entertainment system : Audio-visual enjoyment built-in lighting, audio, video and other functions.

Feature: Releasing enjoyment equipped with a high-concentration negative ion emitter, Aromatherapy oil and Massage chair

Security: Automatically open and close the door, Real-time intercom inside and outside the cabin,Triple alarm system, very safe.


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