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Exciting journey, ZOY shines in America!

During Dragon Boat Festival , FIME, the largest medical exhibition in America abroad, is grandly launched! From June 21st to 23rd, ZOY brought advanced oxygen production products and technologies to the FIME 2023 Florida International Medical Expo, starting an exciting trip to Miami!

FIME is the largest professional exhibition of medical equipment and equipment in America. It has a history of 30 years and has attracted international attention. Due to its important radiating effect in the American regional market, FIME has also become an important stop for Chinese medical device companies in the process of internationalization. Every year at FIME, "Made in China" and international brands are on the same stage, and each exhibition is wonderful.

In this feast of international medical equipment, the Chinese intelligent brand "ZOY" was particularly eye-catching. ZOY showed its self-developed oxygen generation system, hyperbaric oxygen chamber and other leading products to customers and industry professionals all over the world. Innovative products and solutions in medical, civil and other fields have attracted enthusiastic attention from global customers.

At booth R52, the United States and the European Union's international invention patent product - ZOY integrated medical oxygen generator, which was turned on and displayed in real time, and its multiple advantages such as safety, economy, convenience, and intelligence were recognized by industry professionals; ZOY modular central oxygen generator It is an independent innovative product with high integration, small size, large oxygen production, and world-leading technology; the hyperbaric oxygen chamber provides infinite possibilities for different occupations and people in need. There is an endless stream of experiencers at the exhibition site, which has received high attention. We have received visitors from all continents, and conducted in-depth exchanges on cooperation with many high-quality international medical distributors and end users.

In today's Internet of Everything, ZOY keeps pace with the times, actively promotes overseas market activities, gradually establishes a global marketing network, and has obtained international certification such as CE, ISO13485, ISO9001, and its products are exported to the United States, France, Germany, Israel, Poland, India, Afghanistan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Peru and more than 20 countries have won a good reputation and reputation on the world stage. This exhibition has created a good opportunity for ZOY to vigorously develop the American market. ZOY will make full efforts to become a more proud Chinese oxygen brand and stand on the international stage.

ZOY sincerely thanks the partners from all over the world for their help. ZOY once again shines overseas this summer. In the future overseas development journey, ZOY will continue to develop products and technologies, share high-end medical oxygen supply services, and look forward to meeting you again!


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