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ZOY is “boiling” the CMEF in Shanghai!

Thousands of merchants gather, stars shine, and the medical equipment event blooms in Shanghai.

From May 14 to 17, the 87th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), the "aircraft carrier" event for the global medical industry, was held in Shanghai as scheduled, with nearly 5,000 medical device brand companies from more than 20 countries and regions, carrying tens of thousands of products on display!

Taking advantage of the CMEF stage, ZOY has brought its forward-looking and influential innovative technology and medical oxygen generating equipments to the exhibition and shone in the whole place.

In order to meet the diversified oxygen needs of the market, ZOY focuses its core research and development strength, especially bringing a ZOY PSA Oxygen Generating System that can fill the industry gap and has leading technical advantages for CMEF. This equipment accurately responds to the traditional oxygen shortcomings, with safety, convenience, economy, control and other outstanding features; compared with similar products in the market to carry out a revolutionary technology matrix, to achieve the product integration, occupy an area of small installation speed, low failure rate of equipment and other absolute advantages, while optimizing the performance of equipment, product life has been effectively extended, and help the medical market "on the cloud on the platform "It has become the common choice for thousands of hospitals to use oxygen.

ZOY's PSA Oxygen Generating System with low noise operation and full power on at the exhibition site grabbed the focus of the venue, and the ZOY booth was crowded with representatives of purchasing agencies, medical experts, and elite distribution agents stopping, visiting, consulting, and interacting. ZOY staff fully demonstrated excellent professional image and exported high quality project experience and oxygen industry expertise, injecting strong energy into CMEF with sincerity and professionalism, and igniting great enthusiasm of the audience.

Comfortable oxygen therapy, high efficiency of the exhibition,ZOY brought a special pressurization, oxygen production, cooling three in one mild hyperbaric chamber, lightweight design attracts numerous eyes, the audience came to experience, in ZOY people's attentive explanation, patient demonstration, the experience of excellent feelings, have praised.

On the first day of the exhibition, ZOY's booth continued to be in a state of popularity, with the technology "intelligence" of the oxygen equipment, unlimited enthusiasm, to meet the medical industry from the country and even the world, showing the confidence of high-quality development and domestic brands.

ZOY is willing to work with global partners to promote the high-quality development of the medical industry with technological innovation and service innovation, and help healthy China! The exhibition will last until May 17, ZOY in 7.2Y27-29 booth eagerly awaiting for you!


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