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ZOY 5nm3/h Medical Oxygen Generating System installed in Laxmipur General Hospital of Bangladesh

A set of 5m³ ZOY Medical Oxygen Generating System has been installed on the truck. We left this precious moment before this set of oxygen generating equipment that is about to go abroad and sent to Laxmipur General Hospital in Bangladesh.

For ZOY, the export of the central medical oxygen generating  system is not only another expansion of the international market, but also has a different meaning. Nowadays, the global epidemic is raging, and Bangladesh is also deeply disturbed by it. The lack of oxygen in hospitals is a universal problem in the world. The people of the country are under treatment for the new crown epidemic.

As a CE-certified oxygen production equipment manufacturer, ZOY has insight into the huge potential of the international medical oxygen production market, actively deploys to expand overseas markets, and strengthens the company's core export competitiveness with high-quality products, high-quality services and a complete supply chain system.


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