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ZOY®Containerized PSA Oxygen Generator

Oxygen Flow rate: 1-60Nm3/hour

Oxygen Purity : 90%~96%

Oxygen Pressure: 2-5 bar

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Product Overview

ZOY container package oxygen generator system is an oxygen generating & fiing system installed in an ISO certificated container. Feed air supplied by the screw air compressor, after air process then piped into PSA towers to separate Oxygen from the pressurized dry air.
Optional choice with cylinder filling system to make your own oxygen.

And Heat recovery system to supply warm water for daily life use. This system realizes the heat recovery and reuse of the air compressor, which greatly avoids energy waste and envionment-friendly.

ZOY container package oxygen generator system designed to work 24*7Hours at all kinds of climates environment, Including alpine and high altitude areas. To satisfy turnkey oxygen solution for different installation site.


* Turnkey solution, plug and play

* Container package, free of machine room construction

* Heat reuse system, energy saving

* Environment eco-friendly

* Online management system, one button stop, start

* With cylinder filling system, make your own oxygensource

* 24*7hours running, stable and reliable

Full Performance Oxygen Solutions


FULL PERFORMANCE Oxygen Generator System= Oxygen Generator System + Warm Water + All kinds of Climates

∞ Recover 70% of heat energy while supplying oxygen

∞ 24*7Hours Warm water supplying without extra cost or energy comsumption

∞ Free of machine room construction

∞ Plug and play, silent without disturbing around


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