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ZOY®Medical PSA Oxygen Generator System

ZOY PSA Oxygen Generator System produce oxygen from 5m3/h to 50m3/h (33lpm-825lpm). Its’ modular design could flexibly meet various needs of various applications. And the oxygen concentration could reach 93%-99.5%.

To get a concentration of 99.5% oxygen, produce 93% oxygen is the first stage, then in the second stage: separate inert gases in oxygen purification system to get 99.5% oxygen. Which could meet the special oxygen demands of operating room and ICU of the hospital.

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  • Why not use Oxygen Cylinder or Liquid Oxygen?
  • Features/advantages
  • Working Principle
  • Medical application projects


Model Product Flow Pressure Purity Install Power
SCFH* Nm3/Hr* LPM* MPa % Kw
ZY-05 70.68 2 33 0.2-0.5 93±3* 6
ZY-6.5 229.71 6.5 107.25 0.2-0.5 93±3* 8.5
ZY-10 353.4 10 165 0.2-0.5 93±3* 12
ZY-15 530.1 15 247.5 0.2-0.5 93±3* 16.5
ZY-20 706.8 20 330 0.2-0.5 93±3* 23.5
ZY-30 1060.2 30 495 0.2-0.5 93±3* 31.5
ZY-35 1236.9 35 577.5 0.2-0.5 93±3* 39
ZY-40 1413.6 40 660 0.2-0.5 93±3* 39
ZY-50 1767 50 825 0.2-0.5 93±3* 47
* SCF (Standard cubic foot) gas measured at 1 atmosphere and 70°F.
* Nm3 (Normal cubic meter) gas measured at 1 atmosphere and 0°C.
* LPM (Liters per minute) gas measured at 1 atmosphere and 21°C.
*93±3 the oxygen concentration up to 99.5% after equipped with oxygen purification system.

Why not use Oxygen Cylinder or Liquid Oxygen?


∞ Low Operation Cost
The only raw material is the surrounding air.Every 1m3 oxygen produced consumes about 1kws of electricity.

∞ Quiet Operation
The system designed with noise eliminator, its’ noise level of operation is about 65dB, without worrying about noise pollution.

∞ Safe and Clean Oxygen
Equipped with 6-stage air filters make the air through various filtration and purification process,it could remove dust particles,water mist,oil mist. Also equipped with a bacterial filter, to make sure the produced oxygen is safe and clean.

∞ Simple Operation
The system is automatic and unattended operation.

∞ Intelligent Control system 
Siemens PLC control system and online monitoring system provides strong function of oxygen management:one button to stop and start,alarm system,automatic fail-safe shutdown mode and real-time online monitoring and analysis. The intelligent control system extremely save labor-cost of oxygen management.

∞ Environment Friendly
The oxygen produce process is a purely physical oxygen separation process, no have any chemicals included and no have any pollutant discharge.

Working Principle



Online management system ——ZOY-T CONTROL SYSTEM


Zoy engineering team developed hassle-free management control system, everyonecould operate it. The system also approved copyrights of computer software. Based on Siemens plc, data collected by each sensor is recorded and analyzed and processed precisely. With Zoy-T control system, operator could read the oxygen generator data anytime anywhere. Online monitoring platform also allows Zoy technical service team obtain running status of each oxygen generator, so as to make professional suggestion of maintenance and routine check accordingly.


Features and Advantages of Zoy-T Control System

  1. Real-time data display, running log, historical data storage and retrieve
  2. 10 inch HD color touch screen
  3. Customer, maintenance and manufacturer three safety level management accounts
  4. Unqualified oxygen directly discharged, product oxygen quality is greatly guaranteed
  5. Alarm system with light, sound and buzzer signal indicate the abnormal data
  6. Reminding on the screen when oxygen generator maintenance schedule is approaching
  7. Oxygen flowmeter with digital readout of instantaneous & cumulative flow, its dataand oxygen purity synchronous display in touch screen.

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