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ZOY®Compact PSA Oxygen Generator System For Hospital

ZY-02 PSA Oxygen Generator System is a all-in-one design of Center PSA Oxygen Generator,is completely self-contained. It produces up to 70.68 standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH)/33 liters per minute (LPM) oxygen at 29-72.5 PSIG, with oxygen purity of 93±3%. It serves with flexible,stable,reliable and unattended operation and low maintenance.

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Items O₂ rate O₂ concentration Pressure Power Size Noise Level Weight
LPM M3/hr CFM Bar Psi kW MM dB KG
ZY-01 17 1 0.6 90%~96% 2~5 29~72 2.3 1065*750*1830 60dB 436
ZY-02 33 2 1.2 90%~96% 2~5 29~72 4 1470*850*1800 60dB 630
ZY-03 50 3 1.8 90%~96% 2~5 29~72 5 1600*840*1810 60dB 800



  • Integrated Design Small footprint means small installation room and low transportation cost.
  • Low Operation Cost Oxygen produced from surrounding air.Every 1m3 oxygen produced consumes about 2kws of electricity.
  • Quiet Operation The system designed with noise eliminator, its’ noise level of operation is about 65dB, without worrying about noise pollution.
  • Safe and Clean Oxygen Oil-Free air compressor and 4-stage air filters: The system equipped with CLASS 0 OIL-FREE Certificate air compressor which operation under 200℃ could kill most germs.4-stage air filters make the air through various filtration and purification process,it could remove dust particles,water mist,oil mist whose size is larger than 0.01μm, and the residual content of oil vapor does not exceed 0.001mg/m3(21℃),0.001ppm(w).
  • Simple Operation The system is full assembled, plug and play solution, automatic and unattended operation,no need professional technical worker for extra installation.
  • Intelligent Control system Siemens PLC control system and SANY Cloud-Root Control system provides strong function of oxygen management:one button to stop and start,alarm system, automatic fail-safe shutdown mode and real-time online monitoring and analysis. The intelligent control system extremely save labor-cost of oxygen management.
  • Environment Friendly The oxygen produce process is a purely physical oxygen separation process, no have any chemicals included and no have any pollutant discharge.

Working Principle

All system main material is made of Stainless steel and Aluminum alloy.

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