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ZOY® Soft Type Hyperbaric Chamber

Pressure: 1.3 ATA
Type: ZY-SOC-703
Components: Oxygen chamber, 2 in 1 O2 concentrator, Cooler, Outer frame
Color options: Blue, White TPU material /
High strength cover: colour optional, OEM avalible

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Product Introduction

The purpose of hyperbaric oxygen is to keep more people away from chronic diseases.

By continuously pipe the fresh air and high-concentration,high quality oxygen into the oxygen chamber,

the oxygen chamber is stabilized at a pressure of 1.3 ~1.5ATA and 23~25% oxygen concentration,

thereby forming a hyperbaric, oxygen-rich environment.

soft oxygen chamber sport recovery



  • easy operation–3 in 1 connection pipe port, easy connection work

  • low noise–Thoughtful sound insulation design

  • reliable support– high strength stainless steel frame ensures good support for entering/existing chamber

  • alarm system– Sound and light alarm for unqualified oxygen purity,pressure and power failure

  • good air tightness–Inside & outside YKK zippers plus high density seal strip forms great sealed environment


Oxygen chamber Size Option Ø700
Pressure Option 1.3ATA
Material High strength TPU
Automatic Pressure relief valve 2 sets
Pressure Gauge 2 sets:1 inside + 1 outside
Emergency Valve 1 sets
Zipper Inside zipper + middle seal strip + outside zipper
2 in1 Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen Flow Rate 5lpm
Oxygen Purity 93±3%
Power 550W
Voltage 220V 50Hz   /  110VAC 60Hz
Air flow 0.13MPa
Power 70lpm
Features Oil-free type
Cooler Cooling power 200W
Capacity 150lpm



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