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Strength witness! One more national invention patent

Patent is the carrier of technological innovation and injects new energy into the development of enterprises. For a long time, ZOY has devoted to scientific research, focusing on technical research, and has made lots of achievements in scientific research. A few days ago, ZOY was granted another national invention patent entitled "A PSA Oxygen Generator Control System".

This invention is an oxygen generator control system for a PSA oxygen generator with more precise control, more stable performance and safety. The patent acquisition means that the technical content and stability of the oxygen generator have been improved, and the competitiveness of ZOY products is further improved.

Since its establishment, ZOY has always adhered to the strategy of "technology-driven development", built a professional technology research and development center, invested a large amount of funds for the development of new products every year, and absorbed a large number of professional technical talents,gathering intelligence and strength , Committed to new product research and development, technological innovation and manufacturing process improvement of medical oxygen equipment. At the same time, the company has also obtained a number of national invention patents, appearance design patents, utility model patents and computer software copyright certificates.

Part of the patent certificate

Standing at the forefront of industry innovation, we have a harder "armor" and a more solid "internal strength". In the field of research and development, we will continue to make efforts to provide with better oxygen production products.


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