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ZOY oxygen generator system “settled” in Suining, Sichuan

Recently, ZOY Medical Oxygen generator system has again served in Sichuan. This is the first time to "settled" in Suining, the heart and the intersection of Bashu, after benefiting many hospitals in Chengdu, Nanchong and other places. Starting to produce oxygen for Suining Daying County Longsheng Central Hospital.

Daying County Longsheng Central Hospital

Longsheng Central Health Center in Daying County used to use oxygen cylinders for a long time, and oxygen cylinders were stored on the sixth floor of the hospital, which caused great difficulties in transportation. The transportation of cylinder oxygen is cumbersome and time-consuming and laborious, caused lots of constantly complains of the transportation; and centralized storage has certain safety hazards. For this reason, the hospital decided to use a safer and more convenient PSA oxygen generator.

After many investigations, in the end, the ZOY integrated medical oxygen generator system that passed the authoritative test of the National Testing Center won the favor of the hospital. After use it, the difficulty of oxygen transportation has been effectively solved. The oxygen generator system supplies oxygen at low pressure, becomes safer to use, and the equipment is highly integrated, with a small footprint.

After the equipment was installed and put into use, the hospital conducted remote monitoring and management through the cloud platform. The oxygen pressure, oxygen flow rate, oxygen purity and various performance of the two oxygen generator systems remained stable. The hospital was very satisfied with it.


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