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ZOY oxygen generator system went to the borders of the three countries and assisted in the fight against the epidemic at China’s Northern Frontier.

The current international epidemic situation is grim, with increasing quantity of imported cases from abroad. Manzhouli, located in northern China, has started a full-scale prevention against "epidemic". In order to support the treatment in the hospital, ZOY went to the border of the "Three Countries" to guard the modular hospital at Manzhouli Port after sent support to Hunan, Hubei and Henan. 

Manzhouli City is bordered by Russia in the north and Mongolia in the west. It is largest land port city in China. Affected by the imported epidemic, Manzhouli Port Medical Treatment Hospital is a designated shelter hospital for the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic.

ZOY provided two sets of integrated medical oxygen generator systems this time, which would solve hospital’s rapid oxygen supply demand. The intelligent and convenient oxygen management system saves labor cost and material costs of the hospital.At the same time ensures continuous and safe oxygen supply in the hospital.

"After 2 weeks of delivery, the installation of the oxygen generator systems took only 2 hours ," ZOY sent after-sales engineers to Manzhouli Hospital which is more than 3000 km away for equipment installation.

After bumpy journey, our engineers finished installation and commissioning with professional  quality as fast as they can.

On the map of ZOY’s global online monitoring platform, it can be clearly seen that the northern China is illuminated, which is by far the farthest from us and closest to our country border. To forge ahead, we will continue to adhere to the initial heart,provide safe, convenient and economical oxygen supply solutions to more and farther places.


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