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Zhalainuoer District People’s Hospital

Manzhouli is the largest land port in China, bordering Mongolia to the west and Russia to the north. In winter, coupled with the cold wave, there are cold chains everywhere. This small border town once again broke its defenses, and the new crown raid suddenly became the "eye of the epidemic storm".

The border area is sparsely populated, medical resources are relatively scarce, and traditional bottled oxygen is expensive, so oxygen generators have become the best choice. It is reported that the oxygen generation equipment purchased by the hospital had frequent failures and high maintenance costs, so it was cautious in purchasing the equipment this time.

Zhuoyu Medical Molecular Sieve Oxygen Concentrator, as the oxygen supply equipment preferred by modern hospitals, provides hospitals with safe, convenient, economical and controllable oxygen supply. According to the needs of Zhalainuoer District People's Hospital, Zhuoyu has equipped the best oxygen use plan. The system continues the low-pressure oxygen supply to ensure safety, selects high-quality core source power and components to ensure equipment quality, and provides a global real-time monitoring platform for free to facilitate user management. , and made high standard requirements in terms of product technology and after-sales construction treatment, which was highly praised by the hospital.
Zhalainuoer District People's Hospital, a general hospital, will protect the daily diagnosis and treatment of local residents. The Zhuoyu Center's oxygen production system will also provide oxygen protection for thousands of people and protect the pure land under the ravages of the epidemic.

Project Case

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