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Hunan ZOY won the 2nd Prize during “Maker in China”

2022 Maker in China
Conference hall

On August 30, the 2022 "Maker in China" Hunan Province Small and Medium Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, hosted by the Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and the Hunan Provincial Department of Finance, ended in Changsha. Hunan Zoy Technology Co., Ltd. brought the "two-stage pressure swing adsorption integrated oxygen generating system" project, won the second prize of the enterprise group.

Li Xiaoli, deputy general manager of Zoy, accepted the award (fourth from the right)

"Maker in China" Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is the most extensive and influential "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" competition in Hunan Province. This competition organized more than 1,300 enterprises across the province to sign up for the competition. After three months of fierce competition, 30 enterprises (top 10 in the maker group and top 20 in the enterprise group) were shortlisted for the finals.

"The compact oxygen generating system of Zoy two-stage pressure swing adsorption uses air as raw material, and realizes the intelligent management while supplying oxygen in real time and at low pressure. It has a positive effect on improving the oxygen environment of medical institutions and achieving national health." Huang Gang, chairman of Zoy, said, "in designing the compact PSA oxygen generating system, our technical team halved the components and simplified the complex pipelines and key components through the integrated valve block. The core components are no longer subject to importing brands, realizing the absolute advantages of low cost, and low failure rate, while improving equipment performance."

Chairman Huang Gang attended the oral defense

Zoy provides remote online management of equipment for hospitals, low running cost and free of maintenance work make oxygen supply as easy as it could be. In the defense session, Mr. Huang said that facing the huge demand for the civilian market, Zoy will make research and development improvements in the miniaturization, practicality and facilitation of products in the future, continue to reduce costs.

Compared with similar products in the market, Zoy Technology has innovated the control system and management system of the PSA oxygen generating system, and strictly control the quality of compressed air.

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