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ZOY®Hard Shell Lying Type Hyperbaric Chamber

Unit: set
Size: 1.3 - 2.0 ATA
Type: ZY-HOC-01
Brand: ZOY
MOQ: 1
Package: Carton, Wooden Package

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Product Introduction

ZOY hyperbaric chamber set consists of hard shell chamber and oxygen generator with exquisite accessories ( mattress, pillow, oxygen inhaler,

air hoses.)

The chamber is made of aviation aluminum alloy which is easy to move and the oxygen generator is intelligent with 16” LCD touch screen.

Hyperbaric chamber is with big space for two person lying relaxed ( an adult and a child). Interior leather decorated ensures long service life. Latex pillows and mattresses bring you maximum comfort. Optional accessory summer mat is skin-friendly, cool and soft.

Five setting oxygen therapy processes for your choose. Click as you like and start to enjoy the amazing healing procedure.

Remotely control the air pump, Click “start” button to increase the pressure automatically. 1.3 ATA oxygen therapy environment will be created soon.

Inside a 1.3 ATA pressurized chamber, the body receives more pure oxygen at higher atmospheric pressure which will improve the brain microcirculation and increase the body circulatory systems during the hyperbaric oxygen therapy procedure.

When the whole procedure is over, the pressure will relieve and the door will unlock automatically with super safe and intelligent operation.

Now the oxygen chamber is widely used in hospital, sport gym, beauty spa, at home and so on.

ZOY, Your health-care assistant.



  • Easy operation

  • Low Noise

  • Multi-function

  • High Safety



  • Adjuvant physiotherapy

  • Regulate immunity function

  • Sub-health improvement

  • Promote microcirculation

  • Repair damaged cells

  • Inhibition of tumor cells


Technical advantages of HBOT: 

  • Pressure-oxygen balance

  • Pressure-oxygen smart control

  • Pressure-oxygen cycle

  • Safety balance

  • Intelligent decompression


Chamber type Hard Chamber
Oxygen supply type PSA type
Material of chamber Auminium alloy
Size of ZOY chamberØ Ø800*2160mm   Ø800*2250mm
Installation minimum space 1000*1000*2300mm
Weight of ZOY chamber 95kg
Size of oxygen generator 481*439*780mm
Weight 48kg
Oxygen concentration of oxygen generator(snorting concentration) ≥90%
Oxygen concentration in chamber(average value) ≤25%
Oxygen flow 5L/min
Noise ≤65dB(average value)
Power 700W
Voltage AC220V(±10%);50/60Hz
Environmental temperature -10°C~40°C;20%~85%(Relative humidity)
Storage temperature -20°C~60°C

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