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ZOY® 1.5ATA Soft Type Hyperbaric Chamber

Pressure: 1.3~1.5 ATA
Type: ZY-SOC-705,805,903
Components: Oxygen chamber, O2 concentrator, Cooling compressor, Outer frame
Color options: Blue, White TPU material
High strength cover: colour optional, OEM avalible

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  • Features
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  • Cooling Compressor
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Product Introduction


“All cancers are caused by chronic diseases,
and all chronic diseases are caused by hypoxia.”


The purpose of hyperbaric oxygen therpay is to keep more people away from chronic diseases.
By continuously pipe the fresh air and high-concentration,high quality oxygen into the hyperbaric
oxygen chamber, the oxygen chamber is stabilized at a pressure of 1.3 ~1.5ATA and 23~25% oxygen concentration,
thereby forming a hyperbaric, oxygen-rich environment.


  • alarm system

  • constant and stable oxygen supply

  • 2500 work hours no oxygen purity drop

  • oil-free air compressor, high quality oxygen supply


Oxygen chamber Size Option Ø700 Ø800 Ø900
Pressure Option 1.5ATA 1.3~1.5ATA 1.3~1.5ATA
Material High strength TPU
1.5ATA is 20% more thickness
Automatic Pressure relief valve 2 sets
Pressure Gauge 2 sets:1 inside + 1 outside
Emergency Valve 1 sets
Zipper Inside zipper + middle seal strip + outside zipper
Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen Flow Rate 5lpm 5/10lpm optional 5/10lpm optional
Oxygen Purity 93±3%
Power 550W
Voltage 220V /110VAC   50/60Hz
Air Compressor Air flow 0.13 ~ 0.15MPa
Power 87-118lpm
Cooling power 400W
Features Oil-free; Cooler integrated

Cooling Compressor

◊ Extremely Quiet

◊ Oil-free

◊ Cooler integrated, cool oxygen therapy

◊ Efficient inflate time

Detailed Picture



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