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ZOY®Medical PSA 93%-99.5%Oxygen System

  • Description
  • Why PSA oxygen generator instead of liquid oxygen
  • Features/Advatanges
  • Principle of 99.5% oxygen generator system





The ZOY Medical Oxygen Generator / Medical Oxygen Plant produces oxygen from 5m3/h to 200m3/h (33lpm-1320lpm). Its modular design could flexibly meet the needs of various applications. And the oxygen concentration could reach 93% to 99.5% purity.

To obtain 99.5% oxygen concentration, producing 93% oxygen is the first step, in the second step: separating the 93% oxygen in the oxygen purification system to obtain 99.5% oxygen. Which could meet the special oxygen demands of the operating room and ICU of the hospital.

Why PSA oxygen generator instead of liquid oxygen

Item Oxygen cylinder Liquid oxygen PSA oxygen generator
Cost $2.3/m3 $0.5/m3 $0.15/m3
Operation Complicated Complicated Sample
Stability Unstable Unstable Stable
Convenience Inconvenient Inconvenient Convenient
Safety Potential risks Potential risks Safe



  1. Low operating cost
    The only raw material is the surrounding air. Every 1m3 of oxygen produced consumes around 1kws of electricity.
  2. Silent operation
    The system designed with noise eliminator, its operating noise level is about 65 dB, without worry of noise pollution.
  3. Clean and safe oxygen
    Equipped with 6-stage air filters, the air goes through various filtration and purification processes, could remove dust particles, water mist and oil mist. It is also equipped with a bacterial filter, to ensure that the oxygen produced is safe and clean.
  4. Simple operation
    The system is automatic and unattended operation.
  5. Intelligent control system
    Siemens PLC control system and ZOY Cloud-Root Control system provide robust oxygen management function: one-button stop and start, alarm system, fail-safe automatic shutdown mode and online real-time monitoring and analysis real. The intelligent control system extremely saves the labor cost of oxygen management.
  6. Environment friendly
    The oxygen production process is purely physical oxygen separation, it does not include chemicals or pollutant discharge.


Principle of 99.5% oxygen generator system



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